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Art School kicked off the first and absolutely the best show of London Men’s Fashion Week today. 

The strong and haunting live music from Anna Calvi elevated us into the world of Tom and Eden who are without a doubt leading Queer Fashion in London. Fluid monochrome, black silks and blazers with lashings of glamour, the models eerily came down the catwalk with eyes, whitened out with contact lenses elevated to queer deity status paying homage to those who have suffered hate before them with hair decorated with the most exquisite hand made ceramic hair pieces.

Art School is doing exactly what it claims to do, to define an new era of acceptance for Spring 2020 and standing proud for who they are as well as showing their depth as a brand. - Emily Evans, Digital Fashion Editor

Date: June 8th 2019 


An overwhelmingly talented group of students from Ravensbourne University showed at GFW last night. With so much raw talent and creativity it’s almost impossible to chose my “Best Of” for 2019 but here’s my 3 real standout favourites. Styled & Written by Emily Evans, Digital Fashion Editor

Sabrina Bonatesta spoke to me during one of our fittings together and spoke with passion about her collection “Moving to the Nation of Tea Drinkers, I started to look at the history of this drink. Its use as an instrument of communication grabbed my attention the most. From children’s tea parties where they are able to improve their social skills to using tea to reunite with a some friends or even more tea used to connect countries like China and England economically. These last two countries really inspired my silhouettes” 

Clare Woodward was inspired by the equestrian culture evolved in the traveller community in Dublin Her collection investigates the relationship between Dublin’s suburban horse culture and Irish gypsies. With tacky inspirations the collection aims to be playful through use of print and textiles; exploring the playfulness and tack of children pretending to be adults. For me the plastic jewels on the shoes, veils and garish jewellery drew me into Clare’s world from the day met her.  

Moving onto Menswear, one of the stand outs last night was Nathaniel Mackie.

Mackie’s collection is situated within the court room, and Fashion is in the dock. Fashion is being charged with questions about sustainability and fair pay for workers and fair treatment of interns. The designs portray the role of the judge in upholding the processes of justice; weighing up the dramatic tension between ethical practice and consumerism. The central motif of his incredible work was inspired by the Cathedral floor mosaics in Ostuni, Italy, with vivid colour and graphic portrayal of emotion. 

I love working with these incredible students and it was an absolute honour to help style their show.

EMILY EVANS - Digital Fashion Editor

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